SWP Step 1: Mobilise

Set your strategic workforce planning program up for success with the engagement of stakeholders and the cooperation of staff across functional areas.

To set your strategic workforce planning program up for success, you need the right people to plan and implement it, the right people to engage as the program stakeholders and a communication plan to gain the full support of the business. 

Your strategic workforce planning program team

Your strategic workforce planning program team should be a good mix of people across business functions who have expertise in strategic planning, budget and financial management, human resources, and management analysis. The program lead must have strong collaboration, governance and communication skills to ensure the key stakeholders in the business are engaged and supportive.

The communication plan

The objectives, actions and timeframes of the program must be widely and regularly communicated across your organisation. People are diverse, so the ways you connect and communicate should be diverse too.

  1. Put in place effective communication channels that are a good fit with your company culture.
  2. Develop a communications plan to keep stakeholders informed.
  3. Set up steering committees and programme control group meetings to facilitate the flow of communication.

Learn more about your workforce

Learn more about your workforce and better inform your workforce strategy with two additional off-platform assessments.

Maturity assessment

Faethm’s maturity assessment measures the current state of your organisation’s technology maturity. After completing the assessment, your organisation will receive:

  • a maturity assessment report
  • data on the Faethm analytics platform that’s tailored to your organisation’s technology maturity
  • our recommendations on how we can best assist you to achieve your short-term objectives

Your organisation is assessed across three dimensions, Strategy, People and Technology. Faethm has identified these as being necessary to achieve, maintain, and advance a successful technology adoption.

Future capability assessment

Future capabilities are the innate human attributes that no robot can replace, and the digital literacies needed to succeed in an increasingly digitised and data-driven workplace. Faethm provides a capability gap analysis to inform your capability uplift efforts with data-led insights.

An interactive analytics tool to evaluate current capability strengths and weaknesses in your workforce and review the future state of capabilities needed for each role.

A summary report of capability gaps across your workforce and Faethm’s recommendations on prioritising uplift for those that are critical to your strategic advantage.

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