Working with the Job Impact report

The Job Impact report shows the automation and augmentation rate for each role in your organisation.

Use the chart to assess the varying degrees of impact to roles. This will give you a quick snapshot of which roles have tasks that are more likely to be automated (replaced by technology) or augmented (supplemented by technology).


> What you can use the Job Impact insights for

> How to get started

> Two ways to view the insights


What you can use the Job Impact insights for

Augmentation assists workers to perform their tasks better and faster, freeing up their capacity to perform other tasks. Automation completely replaces tasks, freeing up time for workers to take on different, higher-value tasks.

Over time, roles with high automation or augmentation rates will be vastly transformed. In five to ten years' time, some roles will be completely  unrecognisable while others will no longer exist. At the same time, new roles will emerge. The challenge of every organisation is to identify the higher-value tasks that their workforce can begin taking on now, and upskilling and reskilling workers to be able to perform those tasks.

The Job Impact insights can be used to identify the roles most impacted by technology adoption, which will then inform:

  • L&D strategy, particularly which tasks to prioritise for upskilling and reskilling, and by when

  • strategic workforce planning, specifically to redesign roles for the future workplace by understanding today's roles will evolve as they are impacted by technology


  • To see which types of augmenting and automating technologies will impact every tasks performed by the role, select the role title in the chart. This will take you to a view of all tasks for that role in the Job Profiles report.

How to get started

Key insights

Below the chart, you'll find three key insights about your workforce.

Faethm-Platform (61)

  • The total number of  FTEs in your workforce that are likely to be automated within the timeframe selected in the platform Years filter.
  • The total number of  FTEs in your workforce that are likely to be augmented within the timeframe selected in the platform Years filter.
  • The sum total of FTEs that are being analysed for automation and augmentation.
       TIP: See impacts by one or more technology categories or types, rather than all, by
              selecting them in the platform's Technologies filter.

Using the chart

Depending on the focus you wish to take, the Job Impact chart can show automation and augmentation impact either through:

Faethm-Platform (66)Number view (#): see the impact of automation or augmentation on the workforce by FTE

Faethm-Platform (65)

Percentage (%) view: see the impact of automation or augmentation on the workforce by the percentage of tasks affected by role



Using multiple charts in conjunction is a great way to get the most value out of the Faethm platform. Before jumping into the Job Impact report, it's useful to identify the business or organisational units you'd like to search and explore. A suggested starting point is as follows:

  • Automation Impact report: Identify which areas of the business are likely to experience significant impact as a result of automation and augmentation. These highly impacted segments should be analysed first.

Two ways to view the insights

The default view of the chart shows the impacts of both automation and augmentation to roles and the number view. 

Faethm-Platform (67)You can filter and sort the insights by using the options at the top right-hand side of the chart to filter by:

* Automation, Augmentation or both
* Total number of FTEs (#)
* Percentage of FTEs (%)


Faethm-Platform (63)

The chart


Impacts by total number of FTEs

Faethm-Platform (62)
    • Step 1: Click on ‘Job Insights’ then click on ‘Job Impact’ to navigate to the chart.

    • Step 2: Once the page loads, you’ll see the Job Impact chart with all the roles in your organisation ranked by the roles with the highest number of FTEs impacted.

      • [insert image] Light turquoise - Automation impact

      • [insert image] Turquoise - Augmentation impact

      • [insert image] Grey - Unimpacted


Impacts by percentage of FTEs

Faethm-Platform (64)
    • Using the toggle at the top-right hand side of the screen, click on the '%' symbol to view automation and augmentation impacts by the percentage of tasks affected by role.


  • Use the platform-wide filters (found at the top of every page, just under the navigation) to refine the insights.

  • Download the insights in a CSV or Excel file for further data analysis offline.




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