Technology portfolio



How do I interpret the Technology Portfolio?

The Technology Portfolio highlights the class of technology that may have the greatest impact to your business. The Technology Portfolio prioritises the most relevant technology types from the 17 core technologies included in Faethm’s Technology Taxonomy. Each of these technologies are defined in the chart key (see info icon). Examples and use cases can be accessed by clicking on the name of technology in each portion of the chart.

The technologies shown in the portfolio are those driving the most opportunity (in terms of cost savings or capacity gains) via automation or augmentation programs if implemented across the org. 

The lighter the colour and larger the proportion of the square on the chart, the greater the extent of potential cost savings or capacity gain through deploying that particular. The chart can be filtered to scenario model the deployment of specific technologies, and to show either automation or augmentation.

How are the Technology Portfolio predictions made?

Technologies will impact work based on the human abilities they disrupt or enhance. All 1500+ jobs in our jobs database are linked to tasks from our database (including 20,000 specific ONET tasks). Each work task has a corresponding selection of human abilities required to complete each task.

Each technology-task combination in our model has a unique adoption curve that shows the advancement of technology over time. Each client’s data is benchmarked against adoption rates specific to a country and industry over the next 15 years.

Each curve is combined with the Support Vector Machine (SVM) predictions to create a probabilistic model describing the likelihood of adoption of automating and augmenting technologies over the next 15 years. The curves are regularly updated through engaging with our expert community.

How do I best apply the insights from this chart?

You can select different filter options to evaluate which areas of the business will most benefit from different technology investment opportunities.

What is the Faethm Technology Taxonomy?

The Faethm Technology Taxonomy is a human-centred classification of technology. To develop the Taxonomy, we identified human abilities required for work and used these to construct a Mutually Exclusive and Collectively Exhaustive (MECE) grouping of technologies that could disrupt or enhance one or more of these abilities. Each of the four categories and 17 technology classes represent a group of many technologies that directly impact work and are available now or will be within the next 15 years.

Excluded from the Faethm Technology Taxonomy are other “Infrastructure technologies” like IOT, cloud computing, nano-tech, or 3D-printing. We see these as  “infrastructure technologies” as they are enabled by AI and robotics but only indirectly impact work tasks. Therefore, these technologies are not present in our task-based modelling.