Introduction to the Technology Taxonomy

The Faethm Technology Taxonomy is a human-centred classification of technology, comprising sixteen technology classes that are categorised by four fields of AI.

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How the taxonomy was developed

To develop the taxonomy, Faethm first identified the human abilities that are required to perform work and used these to construct a grouping of technologies that could disrupt or enhance one or more of these abilities. Each of the 16 technology classes represent the types of technologies that directly impact work and which are either available now or will be within the next 15 years.

Technologies not included in Faethm's technology impact modelling

Not included in the Technology Taxonomy are Infrastructure Technologies. These are enabling technologies, such as IOT or cloud computing, or industry disrupting technologies, such as nano-tech or 3D-printing. Faethm has identified these technologies as indirectly impacting work and are therefore not present in our task-based modelling.