Location breakdown



How do I interpret the Location Breakdown chart?

The Location Breakdown chart represents a focused view of what portion of a workforce’s FTEs will be automated or augmented at each location over the selected time horizon. Depending on the organisation, locations are represented at a country, region, city and/or office location level. The filter option can be used to hone in on certain populations of the workforce in a particular location to understand the size of the impact and opportunity.

How is the Location Breakdown calculated?

The Location Breakdown insights are collated by aggregating job impact predictions (automation and augmentation) across the workforce and displaying the workforce FTE impact proportionally by office location.

How do I apply the insights from this chart?

The Location Breakdown can be used to understand which workforce locations may experience the highest impact in terms of FTEs whose jobs are exposed to automation or augmentation. Depending on an organisation’s structure and how teams are aggregated and dispersed, the charts show where there will be emerging relocation opportunities; potential to merge locations; and the need to minimise overheads and available space to use. It can also highlight potential locations to partner with nearby education institutions to help bridge the skill gap between current and future employment pathways.

The Location Breakdown can be used to identify regions where an organisation may need to develop or strengthen relationships with key institutions – for example education providers, social services organisations, unions or industry bodies, or government agencies – to support workers residing in locations that are expected to experience a higher rate of impact from technologies that automate and augment work.  The insights can also inform how the organisation engages and consults with impacted stakeholders or their representatives.