Jobs Added FAQs

The Jobs Added chart demonstrates what new roles might need to be added to support the implementation and deployment of technology

If you want to have a better picture of which jobs your organisation may require in the future, considering the implementation and use of new technologies, the Jobs Added chart is what you need.

Filter options can be applied in any combination, including the time horizon (years 1-15), technology types driving impact, organisation units, job categories, job levels, locations, gender and age brackets, and any data provided for custom filters.

How do I interpret the Jobs Added Chart?

The chart shows the number of individual hires in different job types required each year. This chart should be used to help workforce planning and identify potential transition points for those that may be at high risk to automation.

How is the Tech Job Addition calculated?

For each of the 16 technology types, we have identified the job types necessary to implement these technologies. The number of required hires is scaled to the complexity of the organisation.

How do I apply the insights from this chart?

The Jobs Added chart should be used to help workforce planning and identify potential job transitions for jobs likely to be impacted by automation into future-proof jobs. Visit the Job Corridor to explore job transitions.

Does Faethm make any predictions or assumptions about future job growth?

In the Job Corridor, we consider job growth when identifying the best job to transition into.