Job Impact FAQs

The Job Impact chart shows the jobs that could be exposed to automation and augmentation at a point in time.

If you want to understand which jobs will be impacted by technology and to what extent, the Job Impact chart is a good place to start your analysis.

The Job Impact chart shows the most exposed jobs. This is quantified by either the number of FTEs (Full Time Equivalents) whose jobs will be impacted or the percentage of tasks affected within each job. The chart highlights either Automation (light blue), Augmentation (blue), or a combined view. Unimpacted job tasks are those that are not yet Automatable or Augmentable given the time selection. 

If you want to see how technologies could impact the tasks within a job, double click on the job name to go to the Job Explorer.

How do I apply the insights from the Job Impact chart?

The chart can be used to identify the jobs at greatest risk to Automating technologies, those being re-defined by Augmenting technologies and/or investment opportunity to achieve cost and capacity gains. This can help to identify use cases for leveraging emerging technologies and inform business model innovation. It is also key to prioritise at-risk jobs to shape workforce planning.

How is job impact calculated?

Each bar is calculated by multiplying the Job Impact predictions by the total number of FTEs in that job across the organisation. For example, if the job prediction for an Accountant (at year 5) shows that 50% of tasks are Automatable and 20% of tasks are Augmentable, and there are 100 Accountants in the organisation, then the bar would show 50 FTEs Automated; 20 FTEs Augmented and 30 FTEs unimpacted at year 5.

What does the impact of time spent doing certain tasks within a job mean?

The Faethm prediction model calculates the impact of technology at the task level. Our machine learning tool predicts whether a task will be Automated or Augmented by emerging technology. Each job in our database is split into a number of tasks and time spent on those tasks. All emerging technology is then predicted to have an impact on work task and time and measured in both a percentage and FTE.