How do I identify viable career pathways to the Target Jobs that I want to fill?

If you know what your future jobs are, and you want to prepare career pathways to those jobs, select the ‘Fill future jobs’ option from the first step in the Job Corridor.

This will allow you to first select a Target Job. You can use the Internal / All toggle to choose to view only internal (within your organisation) jobs or all jobs, which include both internal and external (a job that exists but which isn’t in your organisation’s workforce).

From the list of jobs, select the Target Job that you want to prepare a career pathway for. Once it’s selected, a list of all Current Jobs will load in order of Job Fit, with closest job fit at the top of the list. Again, you can choose to toggle between viewing only internal current jobs, or all.

On this screen, you can also choose to toggle between FTE and % to view the:

  • FTE: total number of FTE’s in that Current Job who are at risk of automation

  • %: percentage of the total number of roles filled of that Current Job that will be automated

When you select a Current Job, the screen will display the transition summary.