How do I add in and use custom filters?

Faethm’s custom filters can be used to cut insights by additional data fields relevant to your organisation. For example, the following fields are utilised to gain further FTE and diversity insight: ethnicity, disability, employee type, industry award and more.

To leverage a custom filter, please reach out to your Insights Manager. Providing custom data fields is also a good opportunity to update your workforce data.

Providing your own organisational classification of continuity-essential jobs,  level types (and other guide filters) is particularly beneficial as it will enable a more contextual categorisation of your organisation’s jobs and workforce.

What is the job level filter and how do I use it?

Faethm’s job level type filters provide a high level view of job hierarchy groups in your workforce. This filter can serve as an indicator as to how insights vary by level, or be replaced with your own classification of level. All jobs in the Faethm job universe have been appointed a level type; either individual contributor, manager or executive.