Ensuring the longevity of a Fortune 500 Mining Company future workforce planning by modelling the risk of automation on Human Capital and the associated technology drivers

Mining industry | APAC | 50k employees | Championed by the CTO


Understand the impact of Automation on the workforce to inform business unit prioritisation, emerging technology roadmaps, and the result this would have at the individual job level. 


  • Technology


This mining company has been able to select a pilot business area to prioritise technology implementation.  As a result developing organisational ROI resulting from Process Automation, Fixed Robotic and Mobile Robotic technologies. The core of the initiative, to better understand jobs subject to Automation and identification of potential solutions for this at-risk employee pool.


The capacity of emerging technology to entirely replace a job or large components of a job, causing the need for individuals to reskill and transition to viable future jobs.


Creation of tailored learning and development programs aimed to develop data science skills within mining professions.

  • Launch of a two-day course for leaders and a 12-week course for professionals that involves one day for a 12 week period
  • A bespoke pilot looking to cross skill highly skilled technical Geoscientists to Data Scientists

Partnerships with the higher education provides across the country to develop curriculum plans to introduce to their staff throughout 2020:

  • Collaboration between UNSW, Uni of Western Sydney, Curtin Uni, Uni of Adelaide with a vision to help boost skills for mining professionals
  • Strategic workforce planning to create a pipeline of candidates with Metatronic Engineering and Mechanical Engineering backgrounds

Building community and industry awareness on the disruption which the mining industry will face over the next 10-20 years.

  • Buy-in from key educational providers and leaders e.g. Mining Engineering professors
  • Development of internal and external communication management strategies to acknowledge that technology will continue to be a source of growth and productivity to the industry