Engaging, informing and transitioning staff at risk of automation within a 150 year old global food retailer with a presence on three continents

Retail industry | EU, APAC and North America | 400k employees | Championed by the CIO and the CHRO


The organization recognized the industry’s rapid pace of change and the dramatic transformation to the retail workforce in the future. They wanted to make employees aware of these changes and support them to take control of their own career.


Knowledge sharing, reskilling, and facilitating culture changes within the organization.


Across the enterprise, use Faethm data to support awareness, culture change, and engagement of employees.

Identify the employees who will be most impacted by automation, and provide them with:

  • Clarity about the future
  • Insight into their own situation
  • Support in transitions (reskilling & upskilling)


Conducted pilot study on single subsidiary of multi-faceted brand to explore impact and to test for global roll-out and use (in progress).


The organization successfully piloted the Faethm program with one brand; exploring the platform capabilities and key insights derived. The organization is currently in the process of expanding the initiative across all 14 brands and will prototype the change transformation initiatives.