Driving internal Future of Work initiatives within a multinational Digital Software Company and evaluating a user-base across geographies

Info & Communication industry | North America | 21k employees | Championed at Executive level


This digital software marketing firm was undergoing a transition to support their transformation through the Future of Work. In addition, there was a desire to see how major changes in their key user groups would impact the use of their services in the future.


Understanding of

  • shifting requirements of user base
  • shifting skills needs required of employees.


The company leveraged two instances of Faethm:

  • One focused internally on their existing workforce
  • The other focused externally using census data in geographies of interest to explore trends in the creative workforce and the consumer market would shift over time


In addition to the Faethm platform access, the company requested bespoke Faethm research services to support the development of a future-skills capability framework pertinent to the organization’s workforce.  This analysis included themes like:

    • Identification of the roles most at risk of automation, and most ‘secure’ in the future of work due to augmentation
    • The impact of automation & augmentation on gender across industry verticals (e.g. marketing, operations)
    • The relative impact of these trends across different geographies in the client’s region of operations
    • A perspective on the key tasks and skills at risk, and most in-demand in the future