Delivering digital services and new customer centricity within the existing headcount

Australian Government | APAC | 400k employees | Championed by the Public Service Commissioner Treasurer


Election commitment to transform Government services to a customer centric / service standard, similar to consumer customer service offerings.  Goal was to deliver digital services and new customer centricity within the existing headcount.


  • Customer Experience
  • Cost


Faethm was utilised as a key analytics tool to inform strategic workforce planning to prepare the State Government’s Public Service Workforce for 2030. Focus on continuous improvement to drive alignment in ways of working, recruitment and skills management, sector wide capability and learning and development.


Initial 4 Clusters (Dept. of Transport, Dept. of Justice etc.) went live on Faethm with full workforce data set within 2 weeks of project kick-off.  Remaining Cluster and Agencies were phased into go lives over the following 4 months.


Faethm data and insights used to:

  • Present the opportunities associated with internal mobility and reskilling pathways not only between jobs in a Cluster, but across the State Government.  Skills mobility supported between Departments.
  • Provide central public service entity visibility into whole-of-government workforce opportunities for focus and investment.
  • Support leadership development and education, incorporating Work of the Future into incoming government briefings and standing workforce planning discussions and projects
  • Identify Diversity & Inclusion targets supported by Faethm data, ensuring Gender Diversity is not negatively impacted by digital transformation strategy.
  • Reskilling & Upskilling efforts are headcount neutral, targets set for % of existing workforce that must fill jobs of the future.

The State was ranked 1st in Digital readiness among it’s peers according to Intermedium.