How do I interpret the Dashboard?

The Faethm Dashboard summarises the key technology, jobs, and people impact insights modelled for your workforce


The Faethm Dashboard is made up of six tiles that summarise the key technology opportunities and impacts to your organisation. Each dashboard tile within these sections summarises a related chart. You can drill down into insights and charts by clicking on the tiles.

What do the Key Insights tiles represent?

The Key Insights tiles illustrate the technology driving impact and strategic cost considerations for your workforce. 

The three tiles on the top of the Dashboard are:

  • Key Technology: The key automating technology that will drive the most change and opportunity across your organisation.
  • Key Org Unit: The organisational unit that could experience both the greatest impact and opportunity from automating technologies. 
  • Key Workers: The most impacted gender population and the portion of the male or female workforce this represents. 

Note: The monetary figures represent the size of the opportunity in relation to salary for tasks tagged to be automated or augmented.

How can the filters be used?

At the top of the page, you will find the platform’s filters so you can get different views and insights from the data provided. 

Screen Shot 2021-08-18 at 8.47.51 am

  • Years: Select your organisation's strategic horizons to time box and compare impacts. 
  • Technologies: Hone in on types of emerging technologies to understand where to optimise. 
  • Org Units: Delve into a particular group of, or single, org unit(s) within your org units to see specific impacts.
  • Locations: Understand the magnitude of impact by the office or branch location to weigh prioritisation.
  • Employee Level: Slice impact by any level of your internal employee job hierarchy to see the top-down impact on jobs. 
  • Worker Gender: Build a view of how diversity may be enabled or disrupted by technological impact.
  • Worker Age Groups: See how generations differ in terms of jobs and technology's impact on them.
  • More: Create up to four custom filters to obtain insights tailored to your organisation's needs.