Creating consistent learning & training opportunities to facilitate a cohesive organizational identity across a Financial Service firm multiple brands and cultures

Tier II Australian Financial Services Firm | APAC | 5k employees | Championed by HR Director and Head of Transformation


Employee engagement was suffering across this 5k person strong enterprise with 6 brands and unique organizational cultures. This disconnection was causing disenfranchised employees and low employee satisfaction scores.  This lack of a cohesive identity also lead to in-market recruiting challenges when competing with other Financial Services companies in the sector for top talent.


  • Organisational Identity
  • Hiring


  • The HR Director & Head of Transformation built role based, individual Learning & Development plans for employees across the organization. Each plan considered the risk profile based on skills susceptibility to automation by technology and proposed additional skills to move to a future-proof skill set.
  • This effort also supported facilities planning efforts tying automation-based role reduction to the facilities plan.