Augmentation impact



How do I interpret the Augmentation Impact chart?

The Augmentation Impact chart represents the prospective capacity gain that could be achieved by implementing augmentation technologies that can augment worker’s roles.

The bar chart shows the portion of the workforce that may gain additional capacity through implementing augmentation technologies.  The values are ordered along the y axis based on the amount of capacity gain for each part of the organisation.

•The green component shows the portion of FTEs whose roles are augmentable

•The yellow component shows the capacity gain in terms of realisable FTE task time

•The grey component shows the total workforce.

How is augmentation impact calculated?

A common misconception is that augmentation and capacity gain have the same calculation, however they do not reflect the same figure. It is augmentation that enables capacity gain. Each job role includes a prediction for % of job augmentation, meaning the proportion of time in a job that an FTE will be working with and enhanced by technology. While a certain amount of time will be spent working with technology, the rest will be freed up due to the technology reducing time required to complete tasks. This newly available time is calculated as the capacity gain.

What does FTE total capacity gain refer to?

Capacity is a measure of productivity gain and is calculated as the percentage of time made available by augmenting technology. This can also be translated into FTEs. For example, a team of 100 FTEs with a 10% capacity gain, has the equivalent capacity gain of 10 FTEs.

How do I apply the insights from this chart?

The Capacity Chart represents the size of the opportunity and the amount of additional time freed up by augmenting technologies. The percent capacity gain and FTE figures provide a snapshot into the amount of time or effort that can be repurposed towards higher value add or higher productivity activities. This information also helps identify what areas of the workforce will have the greatest opportunity for capacity gain, which can guide change management plans and communication messages.

The toggle buttons on the right hand side can be used to present the capacity gain either as a percentage, or in terms of impacted FTEs.