Age Impact FAQs

The Age Impact report provides deeper insight into how and to what extent workforce age groups are impacted by technology.



If you want to understand how different age groups within the workforce (e.g. millennials or pre-retirees) are subject to the impact of implementing emerging technologies that can Automate and Augment work, the Age Impact chart is a good place to start.

The chart is split into six age groups to allow for comparison.

  • Outer light blue - the proportion of aggregated FTEs that will be Automated.
  • Middle blue - the proportion of aggregated FTEs that will be Augmented.
  • Grey - unimpacted workforce. 

The sum of the light blue, blue, and grey areas is the total number of FTEs in each age group.

How is Age Impact calculated?

Age Impact is modelled by aggregating all job impact predictions across the workforce and displaying the total workforce impact proportionally by age group.

How do I apply the insights from this chart?

These insights can be used to inform strategic workforce planning, particularly with regard to job transitions to future-proof jobs. This chart will also help to prepare appropriate communication messages, improve management strategies, and provide input into upskilling and reskilling needs.