Age impact



How do I interpret the Age Impact chart?

The Age Impact chart represents the total impact of emerging technologies on an organisation’s workforce (FTEs) and how this differs by FTE age range. The chart is split into six age brackets to enable comparison of impact proportion between age groups. The outer light blue portion represents the proportion of aggregated FTEs that will be automated. The middle blue portion represents the proportion of aggregated FTEs that will be augmented. The sum of the light blue, blue and grey areas provides the total number of FTEs in a particular age group bracket within the workforce.

How is Age Impact calculated?

Age Impact is modelled by aggregating all job impact predictions across the workforce and displaying the total workforce impact proportionally be age group.

How do I apply the insights from this chart?

The Age Impact chart can be used to understand how different age groups within the workforce (e.g. millennials vs. pre-retirees) may be impacted by the implementation of emerging technologies that can automate and augment work. For example, millennials in lower level jobs that require less experience are often more ‘at risk’ but can be nimble in terms of capacity and readiness to re-skill.

Analysis can be conducted on particular sub-groups to understand how impacts from technology differ by age bracket, and how the career pathways of different age sub-groups may be unique. The charts can also determine how technology investment can impact existing inclusion and diversity (I&D) targets. Tailored responses – such as additional engagement, communications and L&D investment - can be designed for sub-groups whose roles are more likely to be automated or augmented.